September 2017 Honey Treatments



September is National Honey Month, and Eau Spa is buzzing with bee inspired treatments that incorporate their own private Beekeeper and line of artisanal honey.  Our farm to massage table treatments utilize local Palm Beach honey, organic ingredients and even brewed and distilled spirits to keep yours lifted.


Eau Spa Signature Honey

The Eau Spa Signature Artisanal Honey is created exclusively by Palm Beach Bees and hand-crafted by our Beekeeper, Steve Byers. Bring home the sweetness of Eau Spa or send a bottle to a loved one in our custom box.  However, pleeezee be forewarned…the buzz from Steve’s bees will bring out the wild side in you!  Enjoy complimentary standard shipping the entire month of September!

Eau Spa Signature Artisanal Honey $40

Eau Spa Signature Artisanal Honey and Custom Box $100


Honey, We Have the Cure for What “Ales” You!

Catch a buzz with this intoxicating treatment, and kick back with a complimentary honey ale. We use a Honey Heel Glaze and Bourbon Bubbler Scrub combination that makes even the roughest skin soft and smooth.   It will make your state-of-mind mellow and sweet all the way down to your feet.

45 Minute Manicure with Honey Ale for $55 

60 Minute Pedicure with Honey Ale for $75


The Honey Citrus Body Polish

A regional treat that pays homage to both our signature honey brought to us by Eau Spa Beekeeper, Steve Byers, and the delicious citrus fruit that symbolizes the sweetness of South Florida.  Finely ground French Sea Salt, and aromatic essences of honey and citrus are blended with massage oil to refine and polish the skin.  A soothing, light application of this hydrating emulsion completes your experience, leaving your body velvety smooth, radiant and deeply moisturized.

60 Minute Body Polish and Moisture Application $160


Honey Magnolia Y’all Time Couple’s Massage

Honey, come and get it!  Y’all are just the sweetest things and deserve a little private time in our couple’s villa. Our Honey Magnolia Massage oil has a subtle, sweet scent, and is rich with healing Grapeseed and Olive Fruit Oils.  After this sweet treat, your sweetie pie will be begging you to give them some sugar.

60 Minute Couple’s Massage $380

90 Minute Couple’s Massage $495


The Queen Bee’s Royal Jelly Treatment

This organic, Eau Naturale facial comes with a healing royal jelly mask that is wonderful for fighting the effects of aging. Royal Jelly is known to fight a swarm of ailments and is used as a general health tonic due its nutrient rich blend of essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, C and E, biotin, niacin and folic acid. This facial is the buzz about town!

60 Minute Eau Naturale Facial $190

90 Minute Eau Naturale Facial $285