Scrub & Polish Bar

Make time for a Do-It-Yourself body scrub and buff.

Sometimes you just want to DIY and other times you would like to have a scrub party with your friends. Stop by our Mixologist’s bar and make time for your very own custom-made scrub couture. A twist of citrus, a scoop of vanilla and then watch as your ingredients are blended, stirred and whisked into your very own magic potion.

Custom Scrub Kit Purchased with a treatment is only $40

Purchase with a Day pass for only $120 (Friday through Sunday)

Purchase with a Day Pass for only $100 (Monday through Thursday)

Purchase with a Day Pass for only $80 (Guests of the Hotel)

Feeling pauseful? Try lavender and mint. Feeling Playful? Then choose our zippy formula infused with citrus and eucalyptus. Looking for perfection? What could be more perfect than dousing your body in sweet vanilla and spicy ginger? Unsure of which aromas suit you? Just try our signature blend of green tea and lemongrass that perfectly balances healing aromas to help you pause, play and perfect in idyllic harmony.

Whatever you choose, you’ll leave feeling just ducky.