Eau Spa Specials

APRIL 2018  - All Day, Every Day, Reggae!!!

Cuz Every Little Ting Gunna Be So Tight

Get a reggae-toned body with a $25 per person credit in the month of April towards any Personal Training Session: Pilates Reformer, Weight Training, Yoga Privates, and more!

One Love Facial

Let's get together and peel alright. Emancipate yourself from fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, photo-aging and pore congestion. Choose from tree-uh-dah following to customize your treatment: Alpha-Beta peel or Orbital Microdermabrasion, Vitamin C Mask or Collagen Mask, and 30-minutes of sculpting microcurrent.

90 Minutes for $420

The Gingerbread Mon Massage

"You can't catch me." - The Gingerbread Man and Usain Bolt

Sprint to Eau Spa fuh duh tree liddle tings you looking fuh - sugar, ginger and warmth! We will give you all of the decadence and none of the calories in this tasty treatment.  You'll be jammin' with a massage of delicious Honey Magnolia Oil, an antioxidant rich sweet-ginger emulsion, and a hot towel wrap soaked in Butter Brule Milk, mon.  Lively up yo'self!

60 Minutes for $205

90 Minutes for $280

Red, Red, Wine Manicure and Pedicure

Make you feel so fine! Manicure and Pedicure with a complimentary glass of Merlot and spa access for only $105!

Classic Manicure - $45

Gel Manicure (without gel removal) - $65

Classic Pedicure - $65


Earth Day at Eau Spa

Sunday, April 22, 2018

This Earth Day we are going to plant for pollinators! Our fairies would just think you were just the bee's knees if would stop in at Eau Spa, and pick up a complimentary packet of pretty posy seeds.  Our Wildflower Mix is perfect for green thumbs and dirt-a-phobes alike. Carefully sow them for a colorful garden or simply toss the seeds out your car window on a rainy day to bee-u-tify an empty lot. You'll help propagate pretty plants for the Palm Beach bees to snack on either way!  If you love our Eau Spa Honey, then this is your chance to tip our worker bees, and make the world a better place for our winged friends! Stop in to see what the buzz is about and receive a complimentary honey bee wildflower mix!



March into Spring


Four Hands Facial

Your secondary specialist will treat your hands, arms, feet and legs to a soul-soothing, mineral-infused thermal massage, while your primary skin care specialist addresses your personal skin care concerns.

60 minutes for $280 per person, 10% off SkinCeuticals Retail Product


Champagne Shimmer Body Luster

Champagne, the great aphrodisiac, delivers the ultimate in skin smoothing effects.  This decadent body scrub polishes and perfects the skin, as glittering warm Champagne oil hydrates and adds sparkle to your body contours.

60 minute for $190 per person, 10% off Retail Spa Product