Body Treatments

“I am beautiful, famous and gorgeous.” – Anna Kournikova


An imperial secret reserved for thousands of years, revealed to your lover's body in this resplendent treatment. The perfect journey includes a hand drawn bath of exotic florals, oriental teas, and precious oils combined with a hand washing and polishing of the skin, a delicate dry buff, and a warm butter and silk massage. The sensual scent will linger on your most precious possession as a reciprocal gift for you.

90 Minutes for $299 Per Person


Spoil your sweetheart in a private wonderland where exotic garden fairies will be your loyal subjects. Following a red flower scrub, you will be drawn a bath fit for your royal highness, where you may nibble sweets and sip Champagne before being treated to a 60 Minute red flower Massage and 60 Minute Eau Naturale Facial.

Three Hours of luxury for $475 Per Person or $950 Per Couple


Satisfy your exotic desires and relish in the riches of the Middle East. This purifying, ancient ritual cleanses the body as you are submerged into a heated float bed while slathered and wrapped in a Rhassoul Clay Cocoon. The body is then cooled with an orange quince mist, and finished with a warm cardamom amber oil and  tangerine fig butter crème massage.

90 Minutes for $295 Per Person


“I only drink champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not in a hurry and drink it when I am, otherwise I never touch the stuff unless I am thirsty.” – Lily Bollinger.

Champagne, the great aphrodisiac, delivers the ultimate in skin-smoothing effects. This decadent body scrub polishes and perfects the skin, as glittering warm Champagne oil hydrates and adds sparkle to your body contours.

60 Minutes for $190 | 90 Minutes for $275 Per Person
60 Minutes with Dry Float Bed Experience for $235 |9
0 Minutes with Dry Float Bed Experience for $320 Per Person


Buff and drench your skin to perfection with a full body exfoliation and skin quench.

60 Minutes for $175 Per Person


The coolest cocoon, this is the perfect duet of a body wrap with a sensual, skin softening body melt in our warm and cozy dry float bed. Rapture comes with a complimentary glass of Champagne.

45 Minutes $140 Per Person


Dimples are only cute on your face. Iron out the lumps and bumps from your sexy curves and firm the skin with this slimming anti-cellulite treatment. By incorporating the most advanced micro-current technology along with the contouring body wrap and lotion application, you are sure to see remodeled skin with a smoother texture. Treatments are most effective when done in a series of six or more.

90 Minutes with the body micro-current and firming treatment $325 Per Person
Series of 6 for $1,625 Per Person


This seaside indulgence will leave your flippers feeling fine! Take a dip, bask in the sun and then allow us to massage, exfoliate and polish your feet, ankles and toes with our custom scrubs. Everybody knows that Merpeople like to have it their way, so we will mix your favorite fin-picked fresh ingredients together including some sea salt and sand if you so desire. We'll even pack a to-swim bag of your custom blend for you to glide home with including a scrub, loofah, moisturizing body spritzer and soothing butter. You'll be the envy of all the fish in the sea!

Flipper Treatment and Customized Sea Scrub Kit for $185 Per Person


Get guilt-free golden while sneaking in some body contouring. Get polished and bronzed with a gentle exfoliation to prolong the life of your tan. Your specialist will use our sophisticated air brush system to apply a natural looking self-tanner.

For best results, we recommend that this be the last treatment that you receive for the day, and that you wear dark and loose-fitting clothing. Please be reminded that the recommended processing time is 8 hours. This tanning is best done a day prior to an event.

60 Minutes for $180 Per Person
30 Minutes "Just Bronzed" for $95 Per Person