Nice Girls

Every bride has her fairytale


If you have ever imagined marrying your dream man in the most magical setting, then we have the perfect venue for you. Enter into our breathtaking rotunda after guests have all set sparkling candles afloat in our spectacular Wishing Well. Glide beneath custom-colored glowing tents that soar above your glistening aisle. Say your vows in front of a wall of twinkling lights. Spend the most memorable day of your life in the halls and gardens of the most transcendent place on earth.


From champagne tea parties in our gorgeous gardens to picture perfect cupcakes in our resplendent villas, our Garden Fairies will create the most stunning party that you have ever dreamed of. Spoil your guests with dainty treats and opulent arrangements as you spend the most beautiful day with those that you cherish the most!


You want your makeup to be flawless, your skin to be radiant and your hair to fall just so, and at Eau Spa these wishes are just the beginning of what we can manifest for you. Our Garden Fairies will whisk you into our spa wonderland, one of the only places on earth befitting a fairytale bride. Transcend to a universe of grandeur, giggles and bubbles where your every whim is met, every fantasy is fulfilled and everything is all about you. Whether your dream is to be glamorous, sophisticated or a natural beauty, we will make you the most bewitching bride in the world. It’s your party, and you can be self centered if you want to! Feeling generous? Bring your bridesmaids along (we promise not to let them outshine you…wink), and mothers of brides and grooms will be delighted and entertained, too! If you must gather on your dream day before the ceremony begins, then invite everyone along to enjoy one another in the most magical spa wonderland of all time.
We don’t need to check your registry, because we have already picked out your perfect wedding gift! If you grace us with the pleasure of creating your dream hair and make-up on your wedding day, then your trial consultation will be credited towards your wedding day appointment. Your idea of the perfect day is unique, and we will customize our treatments to meet the wishes of you and your wedding party. Please call our Garden Fairy Group Manager at 561-540-4960 or561-540-4885 for a tailor-made experience created just for you!